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New Blog!

Hello there! I’m really having problems with the current WordPress site right now, so I’m migrating it to my own domain: Please, update your bookmarks! Also, I’ll probably create a github repository with syntax highlight for Elixir, and other … Continue reading

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There’s a little Haskell in your Javascript

This may seem a little strange, but althrough Javascript is a dynamic language, with very loose typing (automatic convertions, equals signs that only works on arrays/numbers/undefined/nil), lots of things that are “falsy” by default, with the new promise-based approach of … Continue reading

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Stop disrespecting my job!

This will be a bit of a rant-sorry. I work as a software developer. This means lots of things – the most obvious is that I create and develop softwares. I can’t think of myself as an “IT Analyst”, because … Continue reading

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Clojure, reflection, and performance/memory issues

Right now, I’m working in a game project in Clojure. I don’t really know how it will turn out, but for now I’m just trying to learn a better way of making games. While working in this project, I found … Continue reading

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We need a better way to write SQL

For some time now, we’ve been working with SQL to communicate with database systems. What we learned in these years is that SQL is not a good way to query data, and I’m going to explain why. SQL should be … Continue reading

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Atom Packages with ClojureScript

One of the best things in Clojure (and ClojureScript) is that you can design your code connected in a live environment – so, your auto-complete abilities reflect exactly what’s running right now. Then, you can evaluate code with real data, … Continue reading

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Mudanças no Blog

Esse será um post rápido sobre pensamentos aleatórios e alguns desabafos. Nos anos que tenho esse blog, percebi que as coisas não são fáceis para quem quer trabalhar seriamente com desenvolvimento de software. Primeiramente, o mercado brasileiro ainda é muito … Continue reading

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